Welcome to Dr. John Reid Dentistry


Frequently Asked Questions:

  •   What dental insurance do you accept?
    •   We accept all dental insurances, but we are a contract provider for Delta Dental Premier.

  •   Do you participate with any other insurance companies?
    •   Delta Dental Premier is the only insurance that we are a contract provider for, but we will help determine benefits and file claims for our patients, for ANY insurance company.

  •   Do you offer payment plans for treatment?

  •   Do you offer financing as a payment option?
    •   Yes, we offer financing for larger treatments through CareCredit.

  •   Do you treat children?
    •   Yes! We recommend their first visit be by the age of three (3).

  •   What are your sterilization procedures?
    •   We follow the universal precautions procedures for sterilization of all our dental equipment and instruments, as mandated by the CDC, OSHA, ADA and the Kentucky Board of Dentistry.

  •   Are you accepting new patients?
    •   Yes! We always welcome new patients and referrals from existing patients. If you haven’t seen us in awhile, we would gladly welcome serving you again!

  •   What type of radiographs do you take?
    •   We use computerized digital radiography, to minimize radiation exposure. We take the necessary radiographs to insure top level examination, diagnosis and treatment is accomplished.

  •   Do you place dental implants?
    •   We restore all types of dental implants, single and multiple units, traditional and mini styles. A dental surgeon will surgically place any of the traditional implants. In certain cases, we can both place and restore the mini style dental implants, for example, to stabilize a denture.